Meeko Nari and Jume (jume) wrote in t_m_i,
Meeko Nari and Jume


I have been having major mucus for three or four days now, and either yesterday or the day before, I was hacking up a nasty phlegmball when it came out of my mouth unexpectedly and landed like a bola across my thumb.

It was spectacular for being a conjoined twin, but also each half was larger by about 35% than most of the other specimen I have been bringing up. (let me be the first to tell you that my hands are not girly dainty hands some girls have, my thumb is about two and a half inches long from bottom knuckle to tip)

I'm still phlegmmy, but not as much as I was.

(I have to thank meganthefeisty for leading me to this place to put my picture.

oh, and here is my elbow that I got burned to bits on an inflatable obstacle course (too many good times!)

It was a beautiful violet color yesterday when I was looking at it on the pot. but it's just kinda orange and brown now.
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