Mrs. Vance (goddessastra) wrote in t_m_i,
Mrs. Vance


I've never had sex before, and the truth if it all is: it's going to hurt and or bleed first time i do it. i hear the stories. i've been told it all. i love being a 24 year old virgin.

i have a boyfriend friend was telling me ways to "prep" a small dildo + lube to stretch me's not the lenght i am worried about..but the thickness...3 fingers have do i deal with the thickness issue? 

another friend was saying do fingers often to get down there used to it...

what can i do  to prep myself  so when the actual time comes it's not as bad as it could be...i don't want my first time having sex to hurt and be painful like everyone says...well.i IS going to...can't hide that..but...there's GOTTA be some ways to help the situation?

do you get what i am trying to say???
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