Mrs. Vance (goddessastra) wrote in t_m_i,
Mrs. Vance

Hello...HI! eww...err.....weeeee

I was thinking to myself...i need to join more communities...that...reflect my i went and browesed...joined some customer service communities..a shin-chan one...i've already been members of serveral sailor moon i thought...i need to find a community that fits my TMI needs...i tried the poop community but that was pushing it...(hahahahaha)...and while i do enjoy a good poop joke...i didn't feel like spending posts talking about my fecal excrements. Though, it WAS explosive today, and being that my laptop was with me...both feet fell asleep...which becomes the WORST becausee then it makes it more difficult to bend over to wipe...

So, i came across you guys. Perfect! it'll encompass everything!

So here i am! now, onward to a small blurb about myself.

I am a 23 year old brunette female. I <3 pink and blue. I adore Charmed and i am trying to watch all the box sets i have. i <3 anime *points to icon to identify her all time favorite* i am Very much tmi....

So, the reason i am here, is to have people who share similar interests. I only have a select few friends i can talk to about anything tmi related...and when i try to bring it up with OTHERS, they shun me and call me immature. They tell me to act my age and quit talking about my bowel movements...-____-

I am glad to have found a community where i can express myself, be myself...and not worry that others will shun me because i talk about things that 23 year olds should leave to the children.

If you want to get to know me, please feel free to ask me any questions you want and i will answer honestly :D I hope to enjoy my stay here.
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